Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Race in America

Americans become hysterical whenever the subject of race comes up. Take the current media frenzy over Senator Reid’s so-called racist remarks. I do not believe that Reid was saying that because Obama has light skin he is an acceptable person; I believe he said that because Obama has light skin he was more electable. Reid said pretty much the same thing that hundreds of media analysts were broadcasting during the election. Maybe it isn’t a good reflection on the American voter, but, until recently, it’s probable that the darker a candidate’s skin or the more ethnic his speech, the less likely he was to get elected President. That’s a political observation, not a racist remark.

I am not a fan of Harry Reid. In fact, I think the combination of Reid and Pelosi as the face of the Democratic Party has done more to alienate the public than anything the party has done lately. Having an aversion to one’s personality, however, is not grounds for calling for his resignation. True to their hypocritical nature, the Republicans have done just that. So now we have the comic juxtaposition of white Republicans denouncing a man for alleged racism while black Democrats defend him.

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