Friday, March 30, 2012

Leaving New York

Well, the U-Haul is packed and my two cats and I are on our way. Leaving New York. It has been an enjoyable six year experiment but now it’s time to move on. For the next three months we will be travelling through the eastern states in a 35 foot motorhome. We won’t exactly be roughing it; In fact the kitchen in the motorhome is an improvement over what I had in the New York apartment. The motorhome (I haven’t come up with a good name for it yet) will be my only home. I will have no permanent address. I’m going off the grid. At least as far off the grid as one can get while still having continuous internet access and satellite television. It’s still kind of scary though, this voluntary homelessness.

During my travels I will keep a journal which I will periodically post here. Several friends have suggested, demanded actually, that I change the name of this blog. They don’t think I am a bitter old queen. They think I should change the name to something more upbeat, something more optimistic. I don’t know. I’m kind of fond of the name of this little blog and it has acquired a small but dedicated following. It’s a minor miracle that someone else hadn’t already taken the name when I first started blogging. So I’m leaning towards staying with “The Bitter Old Queen.”

In a few days I fire up the big V-10 engine and head for exotic destinations far from New York. As far as my meager savings will take me at 8 miles to the gallon of ever more expensive gasoline. If we (I’m not being royal, I count the cats as part of my family) find some oasis along the way, I might just shut off the engine and stay.

Next stop, Savannah.